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   This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China! On October 1st, our whole family sit by the TV and waiting to watch early time big parade. At ten o 'clock, the National Day military parade formally started, only saw many soldiers standing in front of tian anmen, navy, air force, army... Stand straight, straight, like hits the forceful pine, President hu's review. The parade shows the motherland strong defense force, peaceful country and safe people, the motherland prosperity of beautiful landscape. During the National Day, grandpa and I went to play in the humble admin istrator's garden. The car on the road, I saw the window renmin bridge garlands made of flowers on both sides, in the sunshine more bright beautiful, make the atmosphere of the National Day more strong! Walk in the small street to the humble admini strator's garden, see stalls on both sides of the street with a red flag with five stars, to express the affection to the motherland. Many foreign visitors to see the beautiful scenery heartfelt held out a thumb. In the humble admini strator's garden is the chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum can be more color, yellow, red, white, colorful, beautiful! The National Day make me deeper understanding of the motherland; A profound feelings for the motherland also; Make me more love my motherland China! 中文翻译: 今年是新中国成立70周年!十月一日这天,我们全家早早的坐在电视机旁等待观看盛?#26469;?#38405;兵。 十点钟,国庆阅兵式正式开始了,只看见许多军人站在天安门前,有海军、空军、陆军……都站得笔直笔直的,像一棵棵挺拔的青松,接受主席的检阅。整个阅兵式展示了祖国雄厚的国防力量,国泰民安,祖国繁荣昌盛的美好景象。 国庆期间,我和爷爷去了拙政园玩。汽车在路上行驶着,我看见窗外人民桥两旁用?#39542;?#20570;成的花环,在阳光下更加亮丽,使国庆的气氛更加浓厚了!走在通往拙政园的那条小街上,看到街的两旁的摊?#27426;?#25554;着五星红旗,表达对祖国的深厚?#26143;欏?#35768;多外来游客看见了这么美的景色由衷的伸出了大拇指。拙政园里有菊花,菊花的颜色可多了,有黄色的、红的、白的,五彩缤纷的,美丽极了! 国庆节使我对祖国的了解更深了,对祖国的?#26143;?#20063;更深厚了,使我更加热爱我的祖国中国!


  With the coming of National Day, I have a one week holiday. I really expect to it, because I want to have a short trip during these days. I will travel to JiuzhaiValley with my parents for three days. I have heard that the scenery of JiuzhaiValley is very beautiful in autumn and it’s the best time to travel there. Autumn is my most favorite season so I want to enjoy the beauty of such a wonderful place. I do some preparations for this trip. For example, I search the Internet to see the travel raiders and I have known where the most attracting place is and where to live in. I am sure it will be a wonderful journey. There are only several days for the coming trip, but I have been too excited to wait.



  It is the duty of every citizen to make the country rich and powerful (To make the country rich and strong is...).In order to accomplish this object one must be patriotic (love his country).I consider this an unchangeable truth.

  How can a student love his country (be patriotic)?I find my answer very simple and clear.He must study hard and store up knowledge so as to serve his (the) country in the future.If every student can do according to what I said, the country will certainly be rich and powerful.




  1、月是华夏明,家居祖国亲! The month is the Chinese Ming Dynasty, the motherland!

  2、我以我心爱祖国,我以我行报祖国。 I love my motherland, I reported to my motherland.

  3、旭日祥云各地竞盛,春风化雨万物峥嵘。 The auspicious clouds around the Jing Sheng lofty things, salutary influence of education.

  4、?#27597;?#24320;放魅力无限,和谐中国精彩有约。 Reform and opening up the charm of the infinite, a harmonious China wonderful about.

  5、我在祖国怀里成长,祖国在我心中扎根。 I grew up in the motherland, the motherland rooted in my heart.

  6、用我辛勤?#25237;?#30340;汗水,浇灌祖国参天大树。 With my hard work and sweat, watering the motherland towering trees.

  7、雄鹰展翅,翱翔万里;和平发展,两岸一家。 The eagle wings, flying thousands of miles; both sides of a peaceful development.




  Today a Grand Art and Cultural Show was held in our school with the aim of celebrating the 70th anniversary of our motherland and singing high praise of the great achievements we have accomplished in the past seven decades. In the course of the activity, the students in our school put on a variety of colorful performances, such as singing, dancing and reciting poems, and all performers were well prepared, making a deep impression on the audience. At the end of the show, a singing program, Me and my country won the first place. From where I stand, this activity is extremely meaningful for the reason that not only does it enable us to get rid of pressure from our study but also it inspires us to work hard and make great contributions to our country. It was a successful performance.



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